Jogging While Female: The Attack of Karina Vetrano

Today we’re talking about Karina Vetrano from Queens, New York. She was a 30-year-old hottie -- 4’11”, 112 pounds, who went out jogging in Spring Creek Park (it’s near JFK airport)--less than a block away from her home in Howard Beach around 5pm on August 2 in 2016. She didn’t make it back home alive.

I’ll tell you what happened & who was convicted for it, but you may have other theories. I can tell you that by the end of researching this case, I definitely have some doubts. This has the makings of a potential Netflix Making A Murderer type of documentary. But, then again, maybe not. It’s a tough one. Take a listen and meet me back on the socials at True Crime Recaps to discuss.


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On Monday, the show "Crime Watch Daily" released the video of 30-year-old Karina Vetrano, hours before she was killed.
Chanel Lewis was convicted of Karina Vetrano's 2016 murder in March. His mother told "Nightline": "He's not a monster as they want the world to know."
A man has been convicted of killing a woman out running near her New York City home in a case that stirred urban fears. A Queens jury delivered its verdict Monday night in Chanel Lewis' retrial, convicting him of murder in Karina Vetrano's 2016 death. A previous trial ended in a hung jury.