Smells Like Teen Spirit: The Murder of Sabrina Long

High school sucks balls. Can we all agree on that? It was the worst of times and just a GD nightmare. Right?!

But at least we made it out alive. 19-year-old Sabrina Long? Not so much.

BUT now! Macon, Georgia, where all this happened is all abuzz because just SIX MONTHS AGO a woman named Melinda McSwain --some girl Sabrina knew in high school -- was indicted for her kidnapping and murder. Out of the blue.

And HOW did the Georgia Bureau of Investigation get turned on to Melinda? A woman who’s name didn’t even COME UP in the original investigation? Oh, glad you asked. Remember Keith Lloyd? The neighbor Sabrina said she was going to go see that night? Well he GAVE POLICE MELINDA’S NAME IN A SUICIDE NOTE he wrote before he jumped in front of a train in September 2017, the day before he was supposed to be questioned again about Sabrina’s disappearance!

 So, here’s what we know about Melinda, Sabrina, and Keith on THAT night in August, 1991.

So, get this…

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