Vanished Without A Trace: The Sky Metalwala Story

On November 6, Julia Biryukova ran out of gas on the way to a Seattle-area hospital with her two-year-old son, Sky Metalwala. Leaving him strapped into his car seat in the bac, she walked a mile and half to a gas station where she did NOT BUY GAS, but instead called a friend to come and pick her up. When they got back to the car about an hour later, Sky has never been seen again.

As if this wasn’t suspicious enough, police later learned that the car had plenty of gas, was running fine, and the entire incident was very similar to a Law & Order SVU episode that had been on TV the night before.

But, Julia has never been charged in Sky’s disappearance.

Why the hell not? What happened to that poor baby? And what Law & Order episode was it? Amy Townsend answers all your questions (and more!) about this case in less than 30 minutes. Think of it as the Cliffs Notes of murder, but, you know, as narrated by your most outrageous friend. Listener discretion is advised.

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National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Sky Elijah Metalwala - 2-year-old Male - missing from Bellevue WA. Nov. 6, 2011
Julia Biryukova touched off a national search - seven years ago -- when she reported her 2-year-old son Sky Metalwala missing. He has never been found. She has never given a formal statement to police - and has avoided the media - until now.
Amy Townsend