Solve These Murders

Catch up on the (deadly) ugly side of America's "prettiest small town," Bardstown, Kentucky.

With 5 unsolved murders, a corrupt police force, and a mayor that was removed from office, Bardstown residents are looking over their shoulders, waiting to see if maybe they'll be the next to die.

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Photos in order of appearance:

  1. Black Impala police believe is connected to murders of Kathy & Samantha Netherland

  2. Last Facebook post Kathy Netherland every wrote (notice the date? They were murdered around 8pm on April 21)

  3. Samantha Netherland

  4. Netherland family photo (only Holly, shown in upper right, is still living)

  5. The prom dress & accessories Kathy & Samantha purchased just days before their murder. (Samantha was buried in that dress so that she could wear it “at least one time.”)

  6. Kathy Netherland

  7. Brooks Houck (via Nelson County Jail)

  8. Officer Jason Ellis

  9. Crystal Rogers

  10. Sherry & Tommy Ballard

more information

Video from Brooks Houck Police Interview

Nick Houck Polygraph Results

Nick Houck Interview

Netherland press conference

Murder of Officer Jason Ellis

What happened to Crystal Rogers & Tommy Ballard?

more information

Bardstown PD anonymous tip line: 502-348-HEAT

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