3 Serial Killers and a Superhero

Meet Israel Keyes, Bobby Joe Long, and Michael Gargiulo. They’re the contractor that looks a little too good to be true, the father of two who obsesses over teenage girls, and the boy next door who won’t leave you alone. 

Combined, they murdered 24 women around the United States and left a trail of victims, trauma, and even hidden murder supplies that remain undiscovered in parks, trails, and remote areas around America to this day.

With so much evil in the world, you won’t want to miss the bonus tutorial on how to choose your superhero name to right the wrongs! 

Photos in order of appearance:

  1. Israel Keyes Suicide Note Text

  2. Israel Keyes

  3. Bobby Joe Long

  4. Michael Gargiulo

  5. Choose your Superhero name!

  6. Ashely Ellerin (1 of 3 victims of Michael Garguilo)

  7. Michelle Simms (1 of 10 victims of Bobby Joe Long)

  8. Samantha Koenig (1 of 11 victims of Israel Keyes)

  9. Ashton Kutcher (via @aplusk instagram page)

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Surveillance Video from Samantha Koenig’s Abduction

more information

MORE: http://www.fox13news.com/news/local-news/-believe-me-hillsborough-deputy-s-survival-story-now-a-lifetime-movie A teenager riding her bicycle home from her part-time job is abducted by a man who turns out to be a notorious serial killer. Not only does she survive, convincing her captor to let her go, but she thrives, becoming a sheriff's deputy and school resource officer.
Hollywood Ripper Trial Prosecution Opening Statement Part 1 #HollywoodRipperTrial
ABC Action News reporter Michael Paluska was inside the execution chamber when Bobby Joe Long was put to death.
The "Long Home" actor takes the stand against 'Hollywood Ripper' Michael Gargiulo, who allegedly killed Ashton's date Ashley Ellerin in 2001. Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/news/1045182/ashton-kutcher-testifies-against-suspected-serial-killer-accused-of-murdering-woman-he-dated #AshtonKutcher #ENews #CelebrityNews #MichaelGargiulo Watch Live from E! here: http://bit.ly/2vGuD5g Subscribe: http://bit.ly/enewssub About E! News: Giuliana Rancic, Jason Kennedy and the rest of the E!
All Credit Goes To The Mob Reporter for this video. I just fixed the hissing sound and combined the videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/TheMobReporter ~ The Mob Reporter is a professional journalist bringing you real-life mob, police and true crime news and educational videos NEWS: American serial killer Israel Keyes was arrested in Lufkin, Texas, on March 13, 2012, after 18-year-old Samantha Koenig was killed in Anchorage, Alaska.