The Unsolved Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell


If you haven’t heard the story of Susan Cox Powell, you have got to turn up your audio and listen! This case starts in 2009 and basically continues in one way or another until 2018, and I was OMGing all the way through the timeline. And I guarantee that you are also going to freak when you hear what happened to the Cox Powell family, starting with Susan.

This case is seriously Game of Thrones level crazy!

Beyond Susan’s disappearance, we’ve got her husband, Josh, who everyone agrees is very strange from the beginning, we’ve got his totally fucked, perverted father, Steven, who was obsessing about Susan the entire time she and his son were together -- we’re talking collecting her hair, stealing her underwear, taking secret pictures of her and writing more than 2,300 pages about her in a freaking diary level of obsessing, okay! -- we have a missing mother (Susan), and we have the eventual murder suicide of Josh and their 2 little boys, Charlie and Braden --oh  and Steven’s eventual arrest for child pornography and illegal voyeurism. Oh and ANOTHER murder unrelated, but possibly related to the Powell family murders!?!

OK...Here we go.

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Susan Powell shot this video on the advice of an attorney about a year and a half before she disappeared. In it, she documents the expensive possessions of her home and talks about her life with husband Josh Powell, who was suspected in her disappearance and later killed his two young sons and himself.
Josh Powell's sister Jennifer Graves speaks out about the case that still haunts her. Update:
For the first time videos are shown to the public in Oxygen's series "The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell." Her father-in-law Steve Powell recorded hours of the video, often with Susan as the focus. An abuse expert details how victims cope.