What happened to the McStay family?

 27 calls passed between Chase Merritt, and his business partner, Joey McStay, on the day Joey, his wife, and their two little boys vanished from their home in Southern California, with no trace of a struggle. Almost four years later their bodies were found buried in the Mojave desert. Chase swears he’s innocent, the jury said he’s not. What happened in the McStay family house that day? How did a successful business turn deadly? And why is there so much money in water features? Amy explains What Happened to the McStay Family with sass, snark and swearing in this episode.  

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Photos in order of appearance via Facebook:

  1. Gianni McStay and Bear

  2. Summer and Joseph McStay

  3. Joey Jr. McStay

  4. Gianni, Joseph, and Joey Jr McStay

  5. The memorials for the McStay family on their gravesites. (Notice the photo credit in the bottom left corner?!)

  6. The McStay home in Fallbrook, California.

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