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So around 7:00 AM on July 14th, Discord and Instagram users were an unwillingly audience to Bianca Devin's horrifying murder. Through pictures and selfies posted by Bianca's "friend," Brandon Clark, along with some fairly horrible captions, we saw the aftermath of what he did to her. And then a few minutes later we saw selfies Brandon took with his own throat partly slashed, laying on a tarp covering Bianca's body. The murder weapon, a black handled butcher knife, is a key point to remember for later. It was laying near his outstretched hand. Police say that he was still posting selfies as they were holding him at gunpoint, trying to disarm him.

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I mean, it was pretty clear from the fact that he was trying to kill himself at that moment, that Brandon was ready to die for what he'd done. I mean even hours before this scene played out, he went so far as to change his Yes, Juliet Instagram bio to display his date of birth, which was 10/6/97 and his date of death as that day, 7/14/19, and then of course the pictures he posted went crazy viral and they stayed viral until Instagram finally started taking down as many as they could find like hours later. So now everyone who's seen them has freaking PTSD. Thanks Instagram. I can't get anyone to explain why I can't login on my phone anymore, but thank God you guys are on top of the important stuff and I'm talking about the boobs. I think we can all agree that if her boobs were showing or her nipples, sorry, those pictures would have been taken down in a hot second. But before Mr Yes, Juliet photographer extraordinaire could toddle off to hell, the Utica police showed up in the nick of time (probably because he'd actually called them himself) and he was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.

These days. Brandon is feeling better. And he doesn't seem to be in an apologetic mood anymore. Right now he's in prison without bail after pleading (get this!) not guilty to second degree murder. Interestingly, the DA office apparently offered him like a slightly lighter sentence if he would just plead guilty and save everyone a lot of time and hassle, but he rejected their offer. His next court appearance is scheduled for September 16th. If he's convicted, and in this day and age, that's a big if, but if he is convicted of second degree murder, he'll serve 25 years to life. Why second degree, you ask? Because first degree is premeditated. Even though there are so many weird things about this story that it feels kind of premeditated, but I'm not a lawyer. I'm no expert. But it seems weird. Really quick though before we move on, can we please talk about how he was able to take selfies even as he lay dying? I find it hard to take pictures and walk at the same time and really, how do you plead not guilty to something like this? I mean, he literally posted pictures of her dead body and a picture of himself saying that he'd killed her and then tried to kill himself. And then he called 911 saying he'd killed her and he was going to kill himself. And then when the cops were there, he was literally laying on her dead body saying that he'd done that and he was going to kill himself. I mean, what the what? But before I get too far into the events that led up to that horrible morning, for those of us over 32 to truly understand this story, I think we need a quick vocab lesson because it's a brave new world out there kids, and I had to use Urban Dictionary to look up a lot of words, so we're all going to learn something new today. Ready? Okay.

1: Discord. It's not just a disagreement between others anymore. Now it's also a program where gamers can come together and chat. Hey, fun fact. A Discord server is similar to a Facebook group

2. 4Chan: That is an uncensored, often horrifying online community

3. Incel: So weird. It means involuntary celibate. It's a term to describe men who are angry that women won't have sex with them.

4. Thot: That is spelled t-h-o-t and that stands for That Ho Over There.

5. Orbiters: That refers to guys with an unrequited online crushes. So orbiters unrequited online crushes

6. E-Girls: Um, that's a little harder. It's a general term about girls online who have sort of like a similar look, sort of anime meets God meets sexy baby doll, sort of a vibe. It can be derogatory or complimentary or ironic I guess depending on who is saying it and who they're saying it too. And like how they're using it in a sentence.

7. Hashed: That is a digital fingerprint that social networks use to prevent copies of offensive content from being re uploaded. As in Bianca Devins murder pictures have been hashed from Facebook and Instagram

8. Tellonym: Um, that's this weird app that the kids use to reply or ask questions through their social media. It's supposed to be anonymous, but your profile name is right there. So I don't know..

9. Biromantic asexual: someone who is attracted to two genders, not necessarily male and female. A person who identifies this way is usually not necessarily interested in having sex, but may do it just to please their partner. (Like being married!)

Oh, you also need some quick facts about Bianca and Brandon. Okay. She was 17 she was living in Utica with her parents. He is 21 living in Bridgeport, New York, which is about an hour away from Utica. They met on Instagram of course, but they knew each other in real life for a couple of months before this. There is so much controversy about the exact nature of their relationship. It seems pretty obvious that he was way more into her than she was into him. In fact, there’s a comment from her identifying as bisexual on a Tellonym questionnaire shortly before she was murdered, but other sources close to her say that she was actually biromantic asexual, but oh my God, whatever. This is making my head hurt. Let's just say that whatever the actual relationship was between them, he had met her parents and he was with her on the night leading up to all of this.

Are you still with me? Are you shaking your head? Yeah, you will be. So we have like a fairly detailed picture of what happened the night leading up to this early morning murder. I mean thanks to the police investigation and among other media Rolling interview with a girl named Chels. That sounds like a movie or a book or something. Anyway, she says she was a friend of Bianca's on Discord. So according to Chels and, you know those close to the investigation, Brandon and Bianca drove to an all ages club in Queens to get there. That is an important point because a lot of people are saying that she went and he stopped her and met her, found her there. But that's not what happened. They did drive together to this club called the Trans-Pecos. They were there to see this Nicole Dollanganger show. Just so you know, that's about a four, four and a half hour drive from Utica and they got to that club about 7:30 and met up with another guy that Brandon knew. I don't know if Bianca already knew him or not. There may have been some smoking of the cannabis by one or all of the people in this story so far. No judgment. But at some point between when they got there at 7:30 and when they left around 10, Bianca kissed another guy. This made Brandon soooo mad. We know that because Bianca was sending direct messages about it to yet another friend of hers on Discord. This is a busy girl. So just a quick public service announcement here: smoking weed and drinking, if that's what was happening, is a huge DON’T! I mean combining those two can lead to a lot of aggression. I'm not saying that that's caused what happened, of course! It's just some friendly drug advice to take with you.

So sometime between the time they got back to Utica, and remember it's about a four hour drive, maybe five hours, and who knows if they'd stopped anywhere. So between the time they got back and 7:00 AM ish the time Brandon started posting those gruesome pictures, the argument about the status of their relationship, like “defining the relationship” got way out of control. And that’s a total understatement.

Now, this I think is a really good place to include a very interesting factoid about Brandon's childhood. Let's just say this whole scene between him and Bianca, it would have felt very familiar to him. Because just nine years ago, Brandon's father, Jason Clark, held his wife hostage (Brandon's mother!) for 10 hours threatening to slit her throat and kill himself with a black handled butcher knife!! And tell me if this doesn't sound familiar: He thought she was cheating on him! But unlike his son, the SWAT team was able to take Jason Clark down before he killed her or himself, obviously. But the whole thing is just, it's way too identical to be a coincidence. Right?? I mean, tell me if you agree, don't you think that this like prompted something or messed him up in some way? I mean, he would have been 12 at the time. I'm sure it was insanely traumatic for him. Of course, if you were to ask Jason Clark, he’d tell you what he told the media that Brandon was raised right in a supportive family, but there was some dysfunction. Mmmhmmm. Does this guy moonlight as Donald Trump's speech writer?? Talk about glossing over the bad stuff!! I mean, come on!? And while we're on the subject of glossing over bad stuff, I think it's worth noting that this murder, isn’t just thought provoking because of the social media viral aspect of it, although that is certainly worthy of conversations and the new guidelines that it's been sparking between Bianca's family and legislators with Instagram putting in new rules. But that's all good. But the interesting thing is we don't really, as viewers, you know, visitors, strangers get to see the graphic end result that dating violence and this pervasive toxic masculinity vibe that is like permeating our culture right now. It's literally, we don't usually get to see that delivered into our social media feed. I think guys are afraid of rejection. Well, most girls are afraid of what can happen if and when they reject the wrong guy. And by posting every step of that murder, Brandon literally shoved the proof of what can happen when a guy needs to feel dominated. Yeah. He laid it out in front of our collective faces. Bianca wasn't some major social media star before she died. She had a few thousand followers. I mean, after her death, that's when she gained more than 100,000. She wasn't murdered by a jealous, anonymous person or an incel or an orbiter. This wasn't a celebrity murder where we can all sort of privately sit back and tell ourselves that when you put yourself out there, bad things can happen. I mean, although of course that's NOT not true, but Bianca was killed by someone she knew in real life, someone that wanted to exert control over her and what she did and she resisted that control and he killed her for it.

Laurie Andrews, a very smart woman who is also a law professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the author of, “I know who you are and I saw what you did, social networks and the depth of privacy,” long title but very aptly named. She said it best in USA Today. “I think there is an especially intense thing going on against women. Men are fighting for their maleness, they are fighting for other men and they are committing these acts and they are getting a lot of pats on the back for it. “

Yes girl. Exactly what I've been thinking except you know, much smarter.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with me, but to me that aspect of it is what makes the Bianca Devin murder case even more horrifying and yeah, fascinating.

Alright, that's it for me. Thanks for coming. Should we make this a regular thing? Yeah. Come back next Thursday for more true crime or tune in to True Crime Recaps on You Tube!

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